• Airhogs777

    Remember how for the first week or two, Paper Models Wiki:About just had a bunch of ?'s where it said the second admin would be? Well yesterday, I finally got my friend (JOJOK) to sign up, and later that day I made him an administrator. That means you've got double the strictness and insensitivity you did on Thursday! Today, I've been showing them the ropes and we now have 3 models and a much more organized category structure (see Category:Models.) I'm so exited for this wiki's potential! It's only been 14 days and we've already taken care of most of the spotlight requirements. Yay!

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  • Airhogs777

    New doors open...

    September 19, 2010 by Airhogs777

    I have run a few dormant wikis throughout the years. It all started on the SpongeBob wiki on June 28, 2008. Since then, I've created a NickMag wiki(Dec. 21 '08) a homework-posting wiki (Sep. 14, '09, plus sub-wikis for schools and teachers on Apr. 22 '10.) Oh, and I just started wiki for a TV show that might never air.

    But this one is different.

    NickMag was canceled, nobody likes homework, and who knows if Ned's Declassified High School Survival Guide will ever actually appear?

    Paper Models are, unlike homework, "borrowable." I could easily give this wiki enough content for a spotlight if I worked for a week. I already know they exist and highly doubt they'll be canceled.

    I've already added one. (See right)

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